chairman Letter

Dear Visitor,


Cement and building materials are a key component of growth to any nation. South Valley today is leading the way in achieving the sustainable supply of cement, concrete and building materials to Egypt and the region.


Our commitment to sustainable development has compelled us to make large investments in our current plant and other plants in Egypt. We have planned to increase our capacity to meet the growing local and regional needs for cement and concrete of consistent quality, while exceeding the standards implicit in being a leader in sustainable development.


Several years ago, South Valley Cement Company established a strategic blueprint for its management priorities to guide our company in its plans and actions. This blueprint for responsible investments and building materials manufacturing goals, which has been both reliably and efficiently drawn and evaluated over time has lead South Valley Cement on a course of sustainable growth creating a value environment to our community, employees and shareholders.


We believe that economic prosperity begins by assuring that all those who have a relationship with south valley –employees, customers, local community and shareholders- have a part in our success.



Abdul Rahman Sharbatly,

Chairman SVCC.